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Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm CDT
quickly. >> the president is at the white house monitoring the federal government's response to the storm. more than 400 flights had been canceled at o'hare and 90 flights have been canceled at midway. passengers can not get in or out of new york city, boston washington dc or philadelphia. airlines are waiving fees for passengers in some areas and in some cases offering refunds. >> even when we were on the scene we could see the storm developing. it made everyone kind of on averageedge. were anxious to get home. >> amtrak stop service between washington d.c. and chicago. >> people i've been warned to take caution on chicago's lakefront because of hurricane sandy. it could with up waves higher than double decker buses. 20 ft. waves are expected this evening and 33 ft. waves are expected tomorrow. >> president obama is canceling his appearance at a campaign event in ohio with former president bill clinton. he also canceled an event in virginia. >> michelle obama got out of washington a day early and spent the night here in chicago. she will fly to iowa for a couple campaign appearances
Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm CDT
your co-pay at the government will be releasing the october jobs report tomorrow. i had that the apparel company says the players added that most workers in eight months with 150,000 new jobs added in october. fewer workers applied for unemployment. some big financial giants including morgan stanley and aig faced weeks without access to their offices in lower manhattan. it is because of flooding. >> you may need extra workers to help handle customer service for the people affected by the 20,000 flight cancellations. apple is launching a new page allowing users to donate money to the american red cross. the donation page allows donations anywhere from $5 up. the market seeing a huge rally after several economic reports coming in better than expected. the lie that the new york stock exchange. live at the new york stock [ male announcer ] most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with. until i show them this. the oral-b pro-health clinical brush. its pro-flex sides adjust to teeth and gums for a better clean. the pr
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm CDT
. there are lines that are always long. if the state is also weighingwaving taxes. the government reminding the public that in times like these of fraud stirs our route. hotels in new york city not affected by the power outages. city residents looking for hot shower and a warm meal. there's a new wave of hotel dollars pouring into the city. stocks are slightly lower today. still to come expert tips for saving money at the gas pump. and just ahead. a new report about how you can avoid a cold and flu this fall and winter. live music this midday from milo greene. he's on stage tonighat at lincoln hall! @p@p8a [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] you start your day... love you, too. ...thinking about what's important to you -- your family... ...the mortgage... the kids' college tuition. [ cellphone ringing ] but life insurance? [ horn honking ] life is unpredictable. that's why at fidelity life we want you to think about term life insurance -- taking care of your family's future expenses if something happens to you. it's easy. we get to know you a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3